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SciDetect is a collaboration between Springer-Verlag GmbH and Université Joseph Fourier.

SciDetect is an open source software program for evaluating academic papers. The software discovers text that has been generated with the SCIgen computer program and other fake-paper generators like Mathgen and Physgen.

SciDetect scans Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files and compares them against a corpus of fake scientific papers. Using intertextual distance, SciDetect can discover any automatically generated text materials and indicate whether an entire document or its parts are genuine or not. The software relies on sensitivity thresholds to report suspicious activity.

SciDetect is publicly released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 3.0.


[2015-03-23] Springer and Université Joseph Fourier release SciDetect to discover fake scientific papers.


To download SciDetect, get a copy of the Git project for the software. For example: git clone https://forge.imag.fr/anonscm/git/scidetect/scidetect.git

Alternatively, you can download a lightweight, stand-alone version of the software.


SciDetect includes a brief guide to using the software and Javadoc for the source code.


For more information about SciDetect and its method of scanning text, please contact:

Nguyen Minh Tien Cyril Labbé
minh-tien.nguyen@imag.fr cyril.labbe@imag.fr
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